• Chemical

    Chemical industry

    The chemical industry has been committed to reducing emissions, increasing plant safety and protecting the environment, but at the same time it faces strict government management requirements, which vary in content for different countries and markets. These conflicts are putting the whole industry at risk for safety.

    With our global manufacturing capability, experience and rich knowledge of manufacturing technology, the products and services of Xinxu Valve Industry can provide excellent reliability, quality and cost efficiency for global customers.

    Using the Global Network to Meet Environmental Standard Requirements around the globe
    No matter where our customers are in the world, Xinxu Valve Industry can provide the highest quality valves and control products to meet their chemical production needs. Xinxu Valve Solutions are certified by all applicable international standards to meet the most stringent environmental standards, including EPA management requirements in the United States and TALuft standards in Europe. Through our global sales network, we work closely with our customers to help them take advantage of new market opportunities and innovate in chemical processes.

    Ensuring quality and safety with application-driven solutions
    With the help of leading brands in Xinxu Valve Industry, such as Keystone, Vanessa, KTM and Neotecha, we can bring the highest quality products to today's market. Our valves and control products provide a range of fluid management functions, including pressure management, sampling, isolation and leak detection. We take advantage of these rich management functions to provide application-driven solutions for our customers by using products that meet their special needs. As a result, product life is prolonged without more product maintenance operations, and product quality and safety control capabilities are increased.

  • Power

    Power plant industry

    Countries around the world are doing their best to meet the growing energy demand worldwide. The energy industry has been looking for new ways to develop precious energy resources more quickly, safely and efficiently, with minimal impact on the environment. Xinxu Valve Control brings together its valves and controls, thermal control and water industry, and environmental protection business to help customers solve their most important challenges in the fields of coal, nuclear, natural gas, water and renewable energy.

    With the help of technical and professional engineering experience, service schemes and global capabilities, Xinxu Valve Industry Control can help customers meet the needs of power generation applications regardless of their original infrastructure and location, and has achieved remarkable results in the whole industry. Using the trustworthy brand portfolio of Xinxu Valve Industry, we provide customized end-to-end solutions for customers at any stage of power generation projects. From traditional power plants to nuclear power and renewable energy plants, Xinxu Valve helps customers with different power ranges to reduce downtime, optimize energy efficiency and create a safer working environment.

    Whether new power generation facilities are built, existing facilities are optimized to meet stringent new emission standards, or new technologies are used to provide power services in remote areas beyond the coverage of the power network, Xinxu Valve Industry can meet various application needs. We have rich experience in high pressure and high temperature strict business isolation, over-voltage and control applications. Our water treatment team is in the lead in the field of valve supply. These valves are used in water supply preparation, isolation and control applications. In addition to its capabilities in thermal power applications, Xinxu Valve also uses advanced technologies to help customers measure and capture carbon dioxide emissions and provide cleaner energy sources.

    Xinxu Valve Co-operates with customers to provide end-to-end solutions including design, engineering, implementation and even after-sales. At the same time, we are helping customers create important infrastructure for the power industry, which is efficient, safe and durable.

  • Offshore

    Offshore oil engineering

    With the increasing demand for oil and gas products worldwide and the near exhaustion of oil and gas resources on land, the production, transportation and processing of oil and gas products have become increasingly complex, costly and facing technical difficulties. Oil offshore projects are increasingly complex because of environmental protection, long-distance and strict environmental and geographical policies, as well as government regulations. Xinxu Valve Industry has professional experience, knowledge, products and solutions to help you meet the challenges.

    Provide end-to-end solutions to help meet industry challenges
    Xinxu Valve Industry provides a variety of services and support covering the entire field or the entire period of equipment use. From the creation of project concepts to the design and trial operation of processing links, as well as construction operations, manufacturing world-class products and systems to provide corresponding service support, can help you at every step of the production process.

    Whether it is building new production facilities, transmission pipelines, storage equipment, processing plants, or helping to optimize existing equipment, Xinxu Valve Industry can provide today's most comprehensive innovative technology.

  • Shipbuilding

    Shipbuilding Industry

    Shipbuilders all over the world face many challenges. More vessels are needed to transport goods and commodities safely and effectively in the business sector to meet the growing demand of the world economy. At the same time, the U.S. military needs to increase its fleet size to support military operations around the world, while keeping costs within the federal budget. In these two commercial markets, shipbuilders and shipowners must abide by new regulations to prevent pollution and to keep ships and cargo safer. At the same time, they also need to complete dangerous and costly maintenance work in the corrosive working environment of ships.

    Xinxu Valve Industry tries not to enter these business areas directly, but to help shipbuilders and shipowners avoid potential dangers and reduce the total cost of their ships by providing one-stop customized valve and control product solutions. We use excellent and comprehensive product brands to provide high quality and reliable valve and control solutions to meet environmental standards, reduce maintenance costs, reduce maintenance costs, and help achieve punctual delivery.

    Regardless of where our customers are, Xinxu Valve provides shipbuilders with end-to-end solutions covering all aspects of engineering implementation and after-sales service through a global service network covering all markets. Whether or not the United States increases its naval fleet, builds safer ships to transport valuable natural resources, or delivers goods to other parts of the world, Xinxu Valve has been committed to the development of the industry.

  • Water

    Water treatment

    Population growth and climate change have brought new and urgent challenges to water supply worldwide. Xinxu Valve Industry provides customers with integrated solutions for all stages of the water cycle. Traditional, natural sources of water, such as dams and reservoirs, which used to be easily accessible, are now depleting. This situation drives people to use feasible and unconventional methods to obtain drinking water, such as desalination and recycling of water resources. The water treatment industry must also seek ways to maximize the supply of water resources and ensure that water resources can be supplied as long as possible. The industry's aging production facilities have a negative impact on factory production, including frequent equipment maintenance and unnecessary leakage accidents, which increase operating costs and reduce water supply.

    From helping customers find the most effective ways to desalinate, transport, treat and distribute water sources, to finding suitable uses for recycling water and ensuring the reliability of wastewater treatment, we optimize plant production and pipeline facilities by valves and controlling products and services. We can help customers implement all phases of the project, including system design, compatibility testing, installation, training, auditing and maintenance.

    Providing the richest product and service types in the market

    Our customers need products and services that improve plant productivity and equipment life to ensure constant water supply. We use technology to help our customers'systems improve energy efficiency, reduce maintenance, optimize plant and pipeline performance, and help our customers meet the increasing requirements of environmental laws and regulations.

    With the most comprehensive products and services in today's market, Xinxu Valve Industry has created solutions that can meet the needs of special market after a long period of market competition. Combining innovative spirit with advanced engineering experience, Xinxu Valve Industry brings together many trustworthy product brands to tailor solutions to meet customer needs. Our products provide a wealth of processing functions, including isolation, control, measurement, fluid reserve and backflow prevention, pressure management and pressure reduction, detection and leakage reduction.

    We offer unparalleled ability to share the best solutions with customers as much as possible. Whether it is to find new water sources, build new factories or pipelines, or optimize existing facilities, Xinxu Valve Industry can provide you with solutions.